Training & Events


MALS runs periodic training workshops for activists and community campaigners to train as legal observers, understand the bigger picture of activist legal support, and to learn their legal rights. Training is free of charge, but contributions towards the cost of the training are most welcome. Spaces for the training are strictly limited, so bookings are essential.

  • Legal Observer Training: This practical workshop will teach the fundamentals of legal observing. Legal observers play a crucial role monitoring and reporting on police behaviour at protest events, protecting and asserting civil and political rights. Learn about police tactics and human rights obligations, what to look out for and how to best record evidence of police misconduct.
  • Activist Legal Support Training: This workshop will help activist organisers to understand the bigger picture on why activist legal support is important as part of your overall campaign or action strategy. How can the legal system help you reach your goals? What does a good legal support team do? How do you work with lawyers and support arrestees and activists facing court. What should be considered before, during and after an action?
  • Know Your Rights Training: This workshop aims to empower activists with the knowledge and confidence to make decisions about how they will engage with the legal system in their activism, and better understand the legal context of their protest actions. Attendees will learn about their legal rights and protections, and practice asserting and protecting these rights in the context of police action. Workshops may be tailored to address the particular needs of attendees.


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