NEW RESOURCE: Legal Handbook for the Coal and Gas Movement

A new resource for climate activists was launched in May 2015 by Melbourne Activist Legal Support member, Nicola Paris, who runs CounterAct.

The launch was attended by environmentalists, farmers and people involved in the progressive legal community, as well as members of MALS.

CounterAct collaborated with Environmental Justice Australia and the document was intended to strike a chord between accurate legal information, and a real sense of how interactions with police can sometimes play out – whilst giving a realistic perspective of the overstated, but often relatively minor consequences for participating in peaceful civil disobedience protest. It was designed to be approachable for new activists, trying to minimise cliquey activist language.

The resource can be found here, and hard copies are available by donation at Friends of the Earth and Environmental Justice Australia.

We also took a register of interest at the launch for MALS’ lawyer network – a project will be working on in coming months to coordinate and collate a list of lawyers willing to act for activists and civil disobedience protest. If you are keen, get in touch.


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